• James Schy

The Journey so far...

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

It's been almost 3 years since I started learning development. And I have come a long way from the beginning! Mostly my work has been tutorials and such that, while proud of it. Haven't been too excited to share. So here I have been sharing my own personal projects!. Like LumiJump, my first released project.

I am currently working on a bigger project next to expand my knowledge further. So keep an eye out for that in the future.

But in the meantime, what did LumiJump teach me. Well first major lesson was scope, keeping the scope small so the project could be completed in a reasonable time frame. Because finishing the project means I learn more of the process. And I can push myself on the next challenge more. I created everything from the code, UI and art, the models and animations, music, to the shaders and particle effects. Literally everything, I have a strong drive to learn every aspect of development, and enjoy all of it! While it may be a lot of work. It's so enjoyable to do. Until the next blog.

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