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My Games

Please check out my personal projects! This is my journey to build my skills and become a great developer. Starting small but on my way to building bigger and better games.

Rail Shooter prototype

Practice in design

This rail shooter prototype was made using Ebal Studios modular ship assets, to focus on design and narrative. I got familiar with Unity Timeline and learnt a great deal from this project.

Project Daedalus: Overcharge

Tower Defense Action

This game is still in development, but has been an awesome learning experience. Project Daedalus is a Tower Defense game but with a management twist, you have limited power to keep your defenses online so you must choose where to concentrate your efforts, or try to save up enough to expand your power limits. 


Early Alpha currently on for PC only, Future Android release to come 

Lumi Jump

First released project

Lumi Jump is my first released game. Wanting to keep the scope small as I develop my skills I created a simple puzzle game, inspired with some minesweeper style mechanics. It requires some mental memory and a bit of luck to win.